For the love of music


They roam from town to town across the nation or set in the local taverns as much a fixture as the bourbon bottles behind the bar.  They are the romantics of our time and are called musicians.


These dedicated bards decided long ago to eschew the familiarity and financial safety of our average blue and white collar jobs, risking it all for the cheer of the crowd and the adrenaline of the stage.


Deep inside the hope of making it big springs eternal, but the odds play against them.  Instead they produce some CDs, upload a rough cut video on You Tube, and post on Facebook about their next gig.


Some might think them lazy but they would be wrong.  These modern bards sweat through their performance, smile with every thank you, pose for every picture, listen to every comment, pack their own equipment, drive to their next destination, and sleep in their car when there is no room to be found or afforded.


CD sales, donations, and personal performances comprise the bulk of their earnings, but ebb and flow at the whim of the economy.


Romances start with a dreamy look of a fan, but can soon fade under the harsh light of the spot and the long grind of the road.  True love is something tested and tested again.  Family and children are hard thought before acted upon.


Age; age and retirement are ghosts of futures yet to come.  Sometimes cold and chilly, other times as calm and serene as a sunset over the ocean.

No matter.  The music and the memories are eternal.


(Thanks to Albannach for inspiring this.)

2 thoughts on “For the love of music

  1. Bands are great fun, but hard work. Practices are long, sometimes tedious, and taxing on patience. Bookings are another nightmare, with even the most popular entertainers performing close to 300 days a year. Getting an anchor gig, such as a bar during the weeknights leaves openings to schedule the more lucrative weekend travel appearances.but takes away from family time. Community colleges, churches, VFW’s etc. and even high-schools provide opportunity. But you’ve got to be dedicated to the music more than anything. Which is why whenever I hear a band playing I stop and give a listen. It’s surprising how many good ones there are out there. .

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