Bring on the rejection!

Sorry about the long gap between posts, but there’s a very good reason for it.  Wednesday night, I talked to my teacher, editor, and now, writing agent and let her know that my work in progress is ready for the bright light and harsh criticism of the publishing company.

It’s been a long time coming (Five years!) and she was delighted to hear it.  The official sendoff will be February 20th.

What’s the title?  “Straight Through – The Legend of Travis Morgan”

It’s a western with a few spins on it.

First, it’s a Florida western.  Evidently, Florida was as wild as the west was in the 1800’s.  Cattle rustling, shoot outs, gambling, drinking, railroad coming in, political corruption, everything you can think of happening in a classic western also happened in Florida in the same period.

Second, Travis Morgan is not your typical hero cowboy.  He is not the John Wayne/Clint Eastwood hardened type that shoots with no second thought to it. No sir!  He’s an idealist and a romantic whose own moral code will cost him dearly.  Not naive, like Mattie from “True Grit”, but an idealist.

So after all this, why am I not self-publishing the book?  I could I guess.  There is a self-publishing company/printer not ten miles away that could print, bind, and even add an ISBN code to my book if I wanted to go it alone; but I want this challenge.  All the authors used to have to go through the gauntlet of the publishing arena.  I almost feel like I’d be cheating if I didn’t run it myself.  (Plus the narcissist inside me wants to be able to say, “Why yes.  I am a Published author.”)

I know I’ll get rejection letters.  Probably lots of them.  That’s ok though.  Hell, that’s to be expected; finding a publisher is like dating.  You’re not trying to see if you’re good enough for them, but are they open enough to see what you offer.  It’s match making of the printed kind.

Perfect for February, don’t you think?

14 thoughts on “Bring on the rejection!

  1. Congrats on getting your first novel out! I know it had to be a lot of hard work, but I’m sure it was fun as well. Save me an autographed copy, at the senior discount too. Again, congrats.

  2. GRRRRRRRRRRR !!!!!!! #@$%&%$# !!! What does it take to get someone to write a novel about me ! Doesn’t anyone know I’m a star? Wayne/ Eastwood? They’re nothing when compared to me. hhrrummmmph

    p.s. Congrats on getting your novel out!

  3. Brilliant news! Congratulations on this huge milestone. Keep your chin up while facing the Gauntlet Of Rejection. You’re a fantastic writer and all it takes one connection with one agent to get there. Crossing my fingers for the best for you!

    Can’t wait to read it, I’ve been hankering for a good Western.

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