Last minute Valentine’s Day save

It’s 11:11pm.  Are you ready for Valentine’s day?

What?  You forgot?

Don’t panic!  You’re not a dead man… yet.  I have an idea that just might save you.

This is what you do.  Run over to Wal-Mart, Target, or any store that is open 24 hours.  Go past the mass of men fighting for that last card and bag of crumpled candy.  (Like the cornucopia in “Hunger Games”, it’s a blood bath.)  Walk directly over to the craft aisle and grab an 8×11 piece of green felt.  Grab the biggest sewing needle and a roll/spool of white thread as well.

Got them?  Good.

Now stroll casually over to the cereal aisle.  (You don’t want to tip your hand and start a mob there.)  Discretely pick up a box of Lucky Charms cereal.

If you want to take the chance, you can also check out the toy section to see if there are any stuffed animals at all still in stock.

Pay for everything and get back home.

Now comes the hard part.

Pour the entire box of Lucky Charms into a huge bowl and start separating the pink hearts out from the rest.  (Eat the lucky horseshoes along the way.  You’re gonna need all the luck you can get.) Once you have them separated, cut a good 20 to 24 inch length of threat from the spool and thread the needle.  Take that needle and impale the hearts from side to side, so you can the heart shape when you hold up both ends of thread.  (If all you see is a rectangle, you did it wrong)  Thread all the hearts side by side until you have a row of them 18 to 20 inches long.  (You want to make sure it could fit over your girlfriend’s head.)   Tie the two ends together in a strong knot and cut off the excess.

Lay the heart “necklace” on the square of felt.  (If it looks too small on the felt, fold the felt in half so the necklace looks better.)  If you bought a stuffed animal, put it behind the felt and necklace.

But wait!

What about a card.

Grab some paper (typing, copy, printer, loose leaf, whatever)  Fold it twice. (Top to bottom, left to right)  Write on the cover.  “I love you”

On the inside write, “Simple truth, why complicate it.  Happy Valentine’s Day.”

Have the stuffed animal hold the card or lay it next to the felt.

After she reads the card and holds the marshmallow necklace, suggest she pick out her favorite romantic movie and watch it with her.

Crisis averted.

Now go and program a message on your smart phone for Feb 7th so you don’t forget it next year.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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