Getting real with The Urban Realist.

I want to give a shout out to Danasia over at Born at Twenty Five.  Danasia had vowed to begin her true life when she hit twenty-five, and she did so with a vengeance!

Through her blog, she traveled, explored, delved into fashion, offered great personal advice, looked back on life, looked forward to future events, posted photos and videos.

The showed us the world through her eyes with her wonderful personality.

After being born at twenty-five, Danasia decided it wasn’t enough.  Wanting more, she has just launched, The Urban Realist.

The Urban Realist is an E-Magazine that features inspiration, fitness, fashion, humor, entertainment, editorials, and fiscal well-being all written by a team of fantastic scribes who believe in The Urban Realist as much they do in Danasia.

The Urban Realist is entertaining, thoughtful and enjoyable.  It is a great step forward in Danasia’s journey.

Check it out.

3 thoughts on “Getting real with The Urban Realist.

  1. Omg!!! Thank you so much for this awesome write up! It’s such a nice surprise and I really appreciate it! It means more to me than you know!!!!!


  2. Thank you so much for this awesome unexpected write up! I appreciate it more than you know! It means so much to me that you’ve followed me on my journey and that you’re supporting me now in my latest venture!

    THANK YOU!!!

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