Ketchup with us #13 British Loafers

The darling duo, Michelle and Mel, are at it again.  While wearing the infamous Heinz bottle at Prada on Fifth Avenue they were inspired with their latest challenge.

If you could be anyone for one day, who would it be?  (By the way, Heinz really needs to start paying these girls for all the advertising they do.)

The President?  No way!  He gets the blame for everything.

A great scientist?  No thanks.  I don’t want to be chained to my computer, chalkboard, or books.

The great American writer.  Why be someone else. I’m already doing it.

A rock star.  Hell no!  Have you ever seen those “behind the scenes” specials?  All they do is go around singing how they’d like to live like us.  Can you get any more ironic?

A religious leader.  Nah.  Look at William Shatner. He still can’t act his way out the shadow of Kirk. J

So who would I be?

I live on an island both green and grey.

I work with two others.  They have so much to say.

Though short of stature, my adventures are tall.

From the flats of Bonneville to the peaks of the Alps, I’ve driven them all.

In cars most exotic to those mundane.

I do wish never to crash again.

– Richard Hammond of Top Gear

11 thoughts on “Ketchup with us #13 British Loafers

  1. Awesome response, Gene. And I love the clips. Not sure I’m exciting enough for this life but … oh, what the hell? It’s only for one day, right?

    Thanks for linking up!

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