Sometimes it’s hard to give a compliment.

I pulled into the empty bay of the gas station for my ritual of fueling for the week when I noticed the car on the other side of the pump.

It was a low, sleek convertible that sat only two.  Swathed in the proper color of iron gray, its lines of industrial design held up well against the years. It was instantly recognizable as an Audi.  The business lady that owned it had upgraded the sportster with aftermarket wheels and tasteful tires that while low profile weren’t overly low profile.

The brake dust on the wheels was mildly off-putting but also suggested that she drove her car instead of just parading in it.

Being a car guy, I wanted to say something about the Audi.  How nice the design was or how the all-wheel drive and balance help the car dance in the curves.  Maybe something about the 2.0 liter engine having just enough horsepower to make the car playful but not overdone.

But I hesitated.  I wasn’t sure how to properly state the car.  Should I use it’s name?

In the end I just looked at the lady and said, “Nice Audi.”

After all how would the lady respond if I said, “Nice TT you got there.”


6 thoughts on “Sometimes it’s hard to give a compliment.

  1. That’s why I went with the A5, to avoid those kind of awkward situations. Can you imagine me asking some mechanic to look at my–um, er, well–Audi. (Of course Audi’s never need mechanics 😉 )

    The monsoon gray is off the chain, but I’ve always had a week spot for convertibles with tan interiors so I opted for the black for contrast.

  2. LOL If you refer to it as a Double-T, maybe she’ll be grateful you found a safe way around the name and chat you up. Then you can impress her by saying the letters stand for a ‘Touring Trophy’ event on the Isle of Man. Way back then cars in Britain had to a guy waving a warning flag to others as he walked ahead of the car. Ireland had no such qualms and sponsored the first TT. The Brits were so grateful that they chose an Irish Green to become their official British Racing Green. (just more useless old man’s trivia)

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