Under Florida’s Starry Sky

            Florida starry night under the milkyway by Captainkimo.com

The soft crunch of grass under foot

A gentle breeze drifts across my skin

The crackle of a small fire enters my ear

A hint of pine perfumes my nose

The familiar warmth of coffee on my tongue

A glitter of stars dazzle overhead

The rare moment of peace unspoiled

A wish for this moment to share

3 thoughts on “Under Florida’s Starry Sky

  1. Here I lie on a Michigan late winter lawn
    I slowly stretch and let out a big yawn
    The sky is grey and totally clouded over
    The smell is of stale diesel fumes mixed with that of damp clover
    Thirty five degrees isn’t too bad, it could be worse
    Afterall, I could be dead and in a hearse !!!

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