Ghost Story – part 1

A cloudy night sky darkened the ground more than usual as four figures scampered across the road towards the tree line.  One of the four started to speak, but was stopped by the motion of a finger to lips.  A quick jerk of the head pointed their way.  Dashing silently, the four finished at the front of a house.  Old and abandoned, the weathered paint and missing windows looked menacing draped in the heavy shadows of night.

“I don’t like this.” One voice whispered hesitantly, “Maybe we should go.”

“No way, Mike!”  Another voice whispered a shout.

“Yeah.”  Protested another in a decisively feminine whisper, “You dragged me here.  We’re doing this!”

Another feminine voice quietly scolded the others.  “Hurry!  Let’s get in before we get caught.”

The stairs groaned as the four climbed them to the porch.

“It’s locked!” One of the young women cried as she jiggled the handle. “I thought you unlocked it earlier, Dalton.”

“Who said we were going through the door?”  Dalton replied as he propped open a large window.

“Smooth.”  She said as she moved towards the window.

“After you, Alexis.”  Dalton gestured with a bow.

“Why thank you, kind sir.” She mocked while climbing in.

“Be careful, Chrissy.” Mike said watching her enter the house.

Dalton watched as Mike went in before entering last.

The inside of the house was worse than the outside.  Missing inner planks left dark gaps in the black streaked walls.  Years of garbage lay scattered around the tattered remnants of a mattress as the stale scent of mold and rotten wood perfumed the air.

“Ugh!”  Chrissy said as she turned on her flashlight.  “It’s really gross in here.”

“What did you think?”  Mike quipped as he turned on his. “Fresh air and flowers?”

“Shut up, Mike!”  Chrissy yelled back.

“Both of you shut up!”  Hissed Alexis, flashing her light on the both of them.  “You’re gonna get us caught!”

“Let’s go.”  Dalton said as he began to explore.

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