Ghost Story – part 2

The LEDs of their cheap flashlights bathed the rooms in an eerie pale blue light as they moved around the house.  The floorboards creaked and moaned in protest against the weight of sneakered feet.

“Beware of piles of debris.” cautioned Mike as walked gingerly into the hallway.

“Why?”  Chrissy asked as she moved to avoid a large cobweb from snaring her hair.

“Snakes.”  Mike answered without looking back.  “I’ll bet there are lots of mice around and snakes love mice.  I’ve seen a good rat snake grow up to sixteen feet long.  They’ll use a pile of clothes or debris to coil up and hide in.”

Chrissy aimed her flashlight at Mike.  “Are you serious?  Get me outta here!  I want to go home now!”

“Don’t be such a girl.”  Alexis scolded.  “Mike’s just teasing you.  Besides, it’s not the snakes you need to worry about, it’s the spiders.”

“Spiders?”  Chrissy asked, wishing she had gone shopping instead.

“Yeah.  Spiders are way worse.  Black Widows, Brown Widows, Red Widows, any one of them could be in here.”  Dalton said as they entered the kitchen.  “Worst of all is the Brown Recluse.  Their bite doesn’t kill you right away like a Widow.  It rots the flesh off you slowly.  Painfully.”

“Shut Up!”  Chrissy said in fear.  “They don’t do that, do they?”

“Yep.”  Mike said as he gripped the pull of a drawer.  “In fact, they’d make a home right in here!”

Mike yanked the drawer open with such drama that Chrissy screamed in terror.

The three laughed at Chrissy’s antics.

“Screw you!”  Chrissy said, composing herself.

“Gotch you.”  Mike teased.

“Go to hell.”  Chrissy argued back.

Dalton was still chuckling as he pulled out his android.

Alexis peeked over his shoulder and asked, “What are you doing?”

“Pulling up my TAPS app.”  He replied.  “It had EMF detector, Geo Phone, and DVR all in one.”

“Yeah.  Like that’s gonna work.”  She said, shaking her head.

Undeterred, Dalton started scanning the room.  “Hmm.  Nothing here.”

Mike cast a doubting look at Dalton and said, “Did you really expect to find any ghosts in the kitchen?  Bro., what is wrong with you?  Ghosts don’t eat.  They’re dead.”

“Fine.”  Dalton said while lowering his phone.  “We’ll check upstairs.”

“Upstairs?”  Mike repeated, questioning his friend’s sanity.  “I don’t think that’s safe, man.”

“Yeah.”  Chrissy replied, not wanting to go further.  “We don’t fall through the floor.”

“So walk lightly.”  Alexis teased as she went to the stairway.

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