Ghost Story – part 3

Mike shivered involuntarily as he reached the top of the stairs.  “Guys, does it feel different to you?”

Dalton turned to him and agreed.  “Yeah bro.  The air feels heavier here.”

He raised his phone and watched as the needle on the EMF detector rose.

“Dude!”  He said in alarm.  “It’s moving!  Look!”

Alexis tore the phone from his hand.

“It’s broken.” She said, shaking it.  “There’s no power here.  All the lines are gone.  It must be programmed to act like something’s happening.”

Suddenly a dull knock sounded.  Chrissy screamed in response.

“Whoah!”  Breathed Mike.

“That was weird.”  Dalton agreed.

“Oh, cut it out.”  Alexis chided.  “It was probably just a palm frond hitting the side of the house.  Look.  I’ll show you.”

Alexis marched her way towards the sound.

“Alexis!”  Dalton called.  “Stop!  Maybe we shouldn’t so this.”

The others nodded in agreement.

“Come on!”  She argued.  “It was your idea to come here in the first place.  You really gonna let a little noise scare you away?”

She entered the nearest bedroom before anyone could argue.

“Damn it. Alexis!”  Dalton yelled as he followed after her.  “Can’t you hear?  There’s no wind outside!”

A light of blue bounced around erratically along the walls until it found Alexis.

“Put that light down!”  She ordered.

Dalton lowered his light as the other two entered the room.

“Wow.  Look at that.”  Chrissy said in awe.

The gang looked around the room in amazement.  A small desk faced the window; A bookshelf and dresser were pressed against on wall, while a twin sized bed with a wrought iron headboard pressed the other side.  A tattered piece of cloth lay on the bed.  While old and ragged, there was no sign of chewing or digging by an animal.  Same for the rest of the furniture.  It was covered in an inch of dust and showed the wear of age, but there was no damage by animal or vandalism.  It was all somehow preserved.

“That’s just creepy.”  Mike replied.

Suddenly his light went out.

“Hey!”  He said, shaking his flashlight.  “That’s not cool!”

Chrissy laughed at him.  “That’s what you get for insulting the place.”

And then, her light went out too.

Dalton took a step back towards the doorway.  “That’s not right.”

Alexis shook her head as she further inspected the room.  “They’re cheap flashlights.  What did you expect?”

“I expect to get the hell out of here!”  Chrissy argued.  “Mike, take me home.”

“Fine by me.”  He answered.

“Cowards.”  Alexis challenged.  “There’s nothing here but dust!”

–         BANG     –

The loud sound caused everyone to freeze.  Goosebumps rose on their flesh as they heard every breath slowly made.

A white streak crashed from under the bed and dashed down the stairs.

“Aaaiiiieeee!”  Chrissy screamed as she tore down the stairs towards the front door.

The others were right behind her.

“Chrissy!”  Mike yelled as she yanked on the door knob.  “Chrissy here!  The window.  The door is locked.  We came in through here.  Come on!”

Chrissy dove out the opening as Mike held the window open.

Alexis and Dalton followed immediately.

“Brilliant!”  Mike commented to Dalton as he went through the window.  “Freakin’ brilliant idea!”

They piled in the car and tore out of the parking lot.  As they drove away, Alexis looked back.  A dark shadow appeared in the window of the bedroom they had just been in.   It was eerily shaped like a woman.

8 thoughts on “Ghost Story – part 3

  1. Just started reading your story and its fantastic! I especially liked how this installment ended. I’m glad I don’t have to wait to read the next few parts. 🙂

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