Intermission and Wars of Wordcraft.

I’ve been enjoying writing Ghost Story, but Karen Cherry at Random, untrue has a contest going on that was so interesting, I had to enter it.  It’s called, “Wars of Wordcraft“.

The contest is simple:  Coin a new word.or use an existing one in a new way.

Define it and use it in a sentence.  The winner get’s a $10 gift card from Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

The card is fine, but I prefer the thought of being the guy who originates a new word that takes over the language lexicon.  (I mean, if “Bromance” can make it, why not my word?)

So without further adieu, here is my contribution.

Empurgament:  Blend of employment and purgatory.  To be stuck in an unwanted or unenjoyable job for an indefinite amount of time.

“The graduate labored at his empurgament while dreaming of a better economy.”

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