Ghost Story – part 4

“It was a possum!”

“The hell it was!”

Alexis argued with Dalton as the group ate their lunch.  The bright, warm rays of the sun had washed away the fears of last night but not the doubts or experiences.

Alexis pointed a French-fry at Dalton.  “I’m telling you it was a possum that ran out from under the bed.  It’s the only logical answer.”

Dalton bit down on the fry.  “And I’m telling you it wasn’t no damn possum.  I could see right through the damn thing.”

“I don’t give a damn what we saw last night.”  Chrissy interjected.  “I’m never going back.”

“Yeah.”  Agreed Mike.  “I don’t even want to drive near that place.”

“You guys are unbelievable.”  Alexis grumbled as she stubbed a fry into a packet of honey mustard.

“Would you really go back?”  Dalton asked in a half challenge.

“Hell yeah!”  She barked.  “I’m not scared.  There’s nothing there.”

“But you said you saw something when we drove out of there.”  Chrissy argued.  “You said you saw something in the window.”

“A shadow.”  Alexis corrected Chrissy.  “I saw a shadow in the window.  It could’ve been from the trees outside.   Who knows?  If Mike hadn’t been driving so fast, maybe I’d have seen it better.”

“Yeah.  Like you were in the mood to get a good look.”  Mike commented.

Alexis stated flatly, “I’m goin’ back.”

“What?”  The trio said in unison.

“I’m goin’ back.”  She entrenched.  “I want to know what’s really there.  Just because it scared you guy into a panic doesn’t mean I’m gonna let it beat me.”

“You’re nuts!”  Dalton argued.

“You don’t have to come.”  Alexis said, darting cold eyes at him.  “You can stay with the others.”

“Damn right I will.”  He declared before taking a pull of his cola.  “And don’t expect me to come after you either.”

“Oh I won’t!”  She stamped.

Mike leaned forward, “And what makes you think you’ll, ‘Do it right.’ this time?”

“I won’t go in half assed this time.”  Alexis said full of pride.  “I’ll bring real equipment.”

“Well have fun.”  Chrissy said cynically before digging into her sundae.

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