Awards of Epic Awesomeness

This is especially awesome!

Sightnbytes from Minds of SNB nominated me for the Awesome Award of Epic Awesomeness!  As part of the rules I must do three things.  (No tu-tu required, thankfully.)

Write ten awesome fact about myself.

Nominate ten other bloggers that I think are awesome enough to win this award.

Inform the chosen they won!

Easy enough.  First though is to thank SNB for this award in the first place.  I did not expect it and am humbly grateful to have won it.  If someone else had nominated/given me this award, Sightsnbytes would’ve been on my list of ten.

Second is:  Hey, you stole one of my listees!  Old Dog New Tits is a great blogger and is so worthy of this award.  She is simply awesome.

With that said, here are my top ten awesome facts about me:

  1. I am a huge fan of Journey and know all six lead singers by heart.  (Gregg Rollie, Robert Fleshman, Steve Perry, Steve Augeri, Jeff Scott Soto, and Arnel Pineda
  2. I am a notorious flirt
  3. I love long walks but not on the beach.  I’d rather be in the woods.
  4. I’m really bad at e-mailing relatives.
  5. I own both soundtracks to “Northern Exposure” but only one season on DVD
  6. I’ll drink a shot of tequila in an Alamo shot glass while watching a western.
  7. I absolutely HATED writing as a kid and thought having to write four hundred works for class was cruel and inhumane punishment.  (No. I did not do the assignment.)
  8. Contrary to popular belief, I am not stubborn, I am tenacious.
  9. I am a horrible swimmer, yet have always lived close to water and did class three rapids on my first kayaking trip.
  10. I went to Vegas and it rained the entire time I was there.

Who do I think deserves this most Awesome award?  There are so many to choose from, but these people jump in my mind.

  1. The Nomad Grad by Hillary Billings for her honest and personal accounts of her travels.  This lady puts it all out for everyone to see.  From great chances to self doubts all entwined with the building of relationships from strangers.  Hillary is the definition of the term, “Role Model”.
  2. Eric R. Shelton  Open and honest with his thoughts, Eric inspires to enjoy the finer things in life without needing a golden wallet to do so.
  3. Brain Tomahawk Besides his humorous series, “Zombie Bunnies”  this Brooklyn native writes in so many diverse areas.  from poetry to life stories, to events, he does it all and all of it is entertaining.
  4. JM McDowell has written three different series and her latest, “Buried Deeds” just keeps getting better by the moment.  A professional archaeologist by day, this author really digs in and gets to the bones of her stories.
  5. Trailertrash Delux  An old friend I met through the Trifecta challenge.  this man writes from the heart and isn’t afraid to hit the deep end of have fun in the shallows.  A true jack of all, I’m glad to have found his blog.
  6. My Thoughts On The Subject Are Now As Followed by Deanabo   Another fellow Trifectan, this lady gets the story across so well with so few words.
  7. Fourwindowspress alternates beautiful pictures with poetry
  8. Random, untrue by Karen Cherry A true author, Karen writes about her work in progress while experiencing new adventures with her child, and has the time to create her own challenge called “Wars of Wordcraft“.
  9. Michael’s Lair by Booguloo  Poetry.  Wonderful, inspirational poetry.
  10. Writingfeemail’s Blog by Renee Johnson  Renee points out curious facts in life, thoughtful moments on writing, and wonderful stories.  If that wasn’t enough, She has stared a second blog focused on the blogging endeavor called, “Renee Johnson Writes”

12 thoughts on “Awards of Epic Awesomeness

  1. Right on, thanks for the nod!
    Re: tequila – it is my arch enemy. Writing assignments – I was good at them and would write them if need be, but everything is more fun when it’s on your own time, or inspired.

  2. Thank you for the nomination! I will work on an acceptance post soon. I did well on those writing assignments, too, but for some reason never thought about writing fiction seriously until a few years ago…. Funny how the mind works sometimes.

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