Ghost story – part 5

The taillights on the car lit as Alexis pushed the brakes.  The house seemed different in the sunlight.  No less faded, no less derelict, but not as foreboding as it was last night.  Alex thought it asleep.  Pulling off to the side, she opened the trunk and grabbed two large duffle bags.

It didn’t take her long to enter the place; if anything, the window they used the night before was easier to open than before.  Setting the bags gently inside, she shut the window behind her.

Without a passing glance to her surroundings, Alexis hauled her gear upstairs. A slight chill caused an involuntary shiver as she came to the bedroom doorway.  Forcing herself to look around, she noticed that nothing had changed.  Everything sat as it was the night before.  Everything was still covered in dust.  The harsh light of day cut through the dingy window, highlighting the tattered cloth of a blanket on the bed.

“Ghosts don’t care whether its day or night.”  She said to herself as she unzipped the bags.

Setting out a small generator and an air ionizer she continued, “Let’s see if any come now.”

It took her a good fifteen minutes to set everything up to her satisfaction.  When she was done, a video camera viewed the entire room; three toys that lit up when bumped lay on the desk; a proper K-2 meter sat in her hand; and her cell phone lay on the bed, diligently recording everything.

“And to make sure none of the batteries die.”  She murmured as she flicked the switch on the ionizer.  “Let’s start the genny.”

Confident of her plan she failed to notice the stench of dirt and sweat as she pulled the starter on her little generator.

“What the hell are you doing in our house?”  A voice boomed.

Alexis bolted upright and stood face to face with an all too real man.

“I said what are you doing in my house!”  Repeated the man in anger.

The strong scent of his unwashed body caused Alexis to back away.  Seeing the man through her ebbing shock caused her to step back once more.  Behind his grey, scraggly beard hid a mouth of missing teeth, blotchy skin, and dark, maddening eyes.

The mix of rapid heart rate and adrenalin conspired against her, causing her to stutter.  “I…  I…”

The man’s large hand shot out and grabbed her by the front collar of her shirt.

“You were trying to steal from us!”  He yelled in a rage.  “You came looking for our stash!”

“No!  No!  I was…”  Alexis pleaded, struggling to make sense of it all.

She could taste the filth of him in her breath as he jerked her to him.

“Liar!”  He seethed.

Alexis screamed as panic took control.  She threw herself backwards as she jabbed wildly at the strange man’s eyes.  Landing with a thud, the immediately twisted to get away; unfortunately the staggering man stood in her way of the stairs and freedom.

With a roar, the man lunged at the slender frame of the girl.  Tumbling down in a tangle, Alexis screamed before darkness consumed her.

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