Burnt Bridges – part six

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Help Me Land The Best Job in the World!

Hillary is one of the great adventurers out there. Not only does she bring you exciting destinations, she introduces you to the people there and immerses you in their culture.

Hillary also isn’t afraid to put her own thoughts and emotions out for everyone to see either. She let’s you know how much the people have influenced her and what she’s learned along the way.

That’s why I’m reblogging her post for her. Hillary has a chance for getting a job of a lifetime. She wants to be a Park Ranger in Australia. The title is very misleading. Hillary will be more of an Ambassador than just a Ranger. She’ll have to deal with multiple cultures, be on camera, effectively entertain and educate people on their visits. Reading her blog for over a year, I can say she’s definitely up for the challenge. She’s worked hard and is one of the twenty five finalists for the job. That’s why I’m posting her blog here. Anyone that works that hard to get so far before asking for a little help has more than earned it.

With that I present to you Hillary Billing’s post, “Help me land the best job in the world.”

Oh, and Hillary, if you do get the job, I want to meet Roothie from 4WD Action when I visit. 😉

The Nomad Grad

We interrupt your regularly scheduled broadcast to bring you a special Nomad Grad update (insert your own beepy noises and dramatic news anchor voice here.) And boy, is it a kangaroo of a ‘tale’…

Best Jobs in the World

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