Loving the plateau

That is a great line.   The guy I heard it from learned it while studying marital arts.

He explained to his teacher that he was frustrated with his learning curve.  Instead of a curve, it seemed more of a stairway.  He’d improve for a bit and then get stuck at that level for some time.  It then would seem like forever until he would start improving again.  Then the whole cycle would start again.

The teacher nodded and smiled at the student.  “That is good.”

“How is that good?”  The student asked.

“You notice your accomplishments more.”  He answered.  “Instead of one swift, continuous move upward, your accomplishments are pointed out and you are given time to enjoy that moment before moving on.”

“So what are you saying?”

“Love the plateau.”

The plateau is where I find myself after writing “Ghost Story”.  My subconscious creativity seems satisfied for the moment and nothing new is entering my head.  (Otherwise known as writer’s block.)

I tried the usual trick of driving around town to stir the creative juices in my head, but nothing.  My dog, Sadie, didn’t seem to mind though.  Stuck inside the house and yard for three weeks, she had a severe case of cabin fever and enjoyed the distraction.

I’m not too concerned about the lack of words and ideas flowing right now.  I know they’ll be back soon enough.  It’s one of the things we just have to get used to.

Until then, let’s just enjoy the moment.




One thought on “Loving the plateau

  1. I had not heard the expression “Love the plateau” before. Good concept and thanks for sharing. (And good luck with the story.) Best, Brett

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