Planning for the next story and a few questions

First of all, I want to thank you for the wonderful comments to “Ghost Story” and requests for more.

Let me say right now that I am working on the next one.  There is a major difference in this one as compared to the last.  It is for adults.  It’s not kid approved.  Not at all.

I’m posting this now because I want your input on it.  I know that not everyone wants something dark, gritty, and full of foul language; but I also said as a good writer, we need to delve into the dark side every now and then.  This will be one of those times.  I would put this story directly into the “R” rating.  I will also have disclaimers at the beginning of each segment for those who stumble upon it.

I also need your help.  I’ve seen many bloggers set up their posts so that only part of it shows.  (You have to click a link to get the rest of it.)  How do you do that?  I’d like to incorporate that into the series postings just as an added precaution for any young eyes that shouldn’t read such adult fiction.  Thanks in advance.

And just for hint of the main character.  His favorite drink.

9 thoughts on “Planning for the next story and a few questions

  1. LOL !!! Anyone loving that rotgut has to be evil or truly sick. I do like the R-rated warning idea and think it should suffice. Sorry but I’ve no idea on the technical query.

  2. Looking forward to your next story!

    Have you poked around under “Writing Settings”? Perhaps “default post format”? Unfortunately this probably changes it for all your posts… I was afraid to change it myself to test it out, so I’m not sure if you want to risk taking my advice 😉

  3. I thought your ‘Ghost Story’ was pretty good. It was well told, easy to follow and had a nice surprise ending. However, I was not crazy about the characters. While they were clearly defined and reasonably consistent, they weren’t the type that I would tend to include in my social circle.
    I don’t believe in ghosts and nothing is going to change my mind on that. Therefore, I don’t have much faith in the intellectual capabilities of those who do. Does that make me snobbish? Perhaps, but it is who I am.
    Since the ages of the characters weren’t given, i pictured them in the 15 – 19 yr old range. I envisioned the guys with plenty of ‘body art’ and the girls to fit with them. That made them self-defined as social rebels. A lot of good people are rule benders but not law breakers. Social rebels like to straddle that dividing line closer than I like.
    To me the ‘technological’ toys’ they used are merely charlatan’s toys. I have no faith in them at all. i do like your idea of an R – rated warning. That you got me to read the entire story despite the turn-offs is a credit to your writing skills.
    Looking forward to more of your writings.

  4. When you’re writing your post, there are either one or two lines of formatting options above the typing window. The upper (or only) row starts with your icons for “bold” and “italics.” If you look near the right end of that line, you’ll see the “ABC and check mark” for proofing your text. Immediately to the left of the “spell check” icon is one that looks like a dashed line sandwiched between two rectangles. Hover your cursor over it, and text will appear that says “Insert More Tag.”

    That’s the tool you use that will trigger the “Read More of This Post” views in emails and on your main blog page. Just place your cursor where you want that break in the post and then click on that icon. A horizontal line will appear in your draft post. (It won’t be visible when you preview or publish the post.)

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