Burnt Bridges – part nine

Warning:  This story contains harsh and vulgar language, disturbing descriptions, and adult situations.  This story is not for children and they should not be allowed to read it.   Consider it rated “R”.

Back at his apartment, Frank lay on his couch and reminisced about the afternoon.  Bambi had been good.  Damn good.  Too bad Tyrone was still gonna make her pay the back rent after that. A twinge of guilt tried desperately to scratch at Frank’s conscious, but slid harmlessly off his whiskey soaked soul.  Frank threw back his bottle of “Devil’s Cut” and took another slug.

“Damn this shit’s good.”  Frank said as he looked at the bottle.  “I gotta remember this one.”

The phone on the counter rang out as a call came through.  Frank chose to ignore it and took another slug.

It annoyingly rang four more times before the ancient answering machine mercifully took the call.

“Frank, you asshole! Pick up!” A harsh voice commanded over the speaker.

Bemused, Frank smiled drunkenly.  “Detective Robo Cop.  Why I didn’t know you knew such language.”

Unaware, Detective Murphy continued, “I was told of your questions about my case.  If I find you interfering with my investigation, I will have your drunk ass arrested for interference.  You got me?  Stay your drunk driving, black out taking, hallucinating ass out of my way!”


Frank was still smiling as the phone continued the disconnect drone for another two seconds.  “Still pissed that I beat you huh, Robo.”

Frank laid back and closed his eyes as a faint sound of tires screaming and metal crumpling echoed in his head.

“Frank!  Frank!  Wake up!” 

A sharp voice sliced into Frank’s hazed mind.

“Damn it Frank, answer me!”

Frank pulled his eyes away from the strobing blue lights and turned to the man calling his name.

“Clay.”  Frank muttered.  “What… What happened?”

“I’ll tell you what happened!”  The officer yelled as he yanked the door open with both hands.  “You’re drunk and you crashed into a tree while on call!  That’s what happened!”

Frank stared blankly at Clay as he pulled him out of the wreckage.

“Dumb ass!”  Clay cursed as he continues his verbal assault.  “You weren’t even wearing your seatbelt.  It’s a miracle you didn’t impale yourself on the steering column”

Distant sirens distracted Frank’s attention and caused him to turn away.  Clay slapped him across the face.

“Oh no you don’t!”  He scolded.  “You answer me.  Why are you drunk?  You are on call!  You were supposed to be ready at a moment’s notice! Damn it!  You were about to be a Detective!  What the hell happened?”

Frank spat blood on the ground and said, “I had someplace I had to be.”

Clay threw the man down.  “Had to be?  I hope she was worth it!  I hope she was worth your job, cause it’s over!  We had a call tonight.  A murder.  We were supposed to go investigate.  And here I find you.”

The officer stepped back from the man as the ambulance came to a halt.

“What ya gonna do, partner?  Arrest me?”  Frank asked as he looked up.

Clay looked right for a moment before staring down his partner.  “Damn right I am.  You don’t deserve that badge”

Frank just stared at Clay in a cold rage as the paramedics hoisted him onto the gurney.  “My pal.  My partner.”

“Take him away.”  Clay ordered to the men as they pushed the gurney towards the opened doors of the ambulance.  “And that’s Officer Murphy to you!”

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