New shoes



The standard rule of thought is that men are different than women when it comes to shoes.  Women will spend hours at the shoe stores looking at and trying on multiple brands while their boyfriend or husband will silently wonder if the spike heel on that sandal on the shelf is strong enough to pierce their skull and put them out of their misery.

Shoes, for a woman, are seen as more than a functional part of clothing.  Shoes are a statement that is spoken loudly wherever they go.  Their choice of shoes describes their choice of fashion, their level of professionalism, their outlook on life, and their very personality.  The shoes are the Facebook of a woman’s wardrobe.  They speak volumes.

Men could care less.  Shoes, for men, are items that must be purchased when worn out.  True a man will spend a little amount of time making sure the shoe is somewhat decent looking, but for the most part, they just buy the closest thing to what they already have.  There are only two situations where a man will step onto the woman’s side of the isle and women never see it coming.

The first is when the shoes are not for them, but for their vehicle.

Whether a sports car, truck, or motorcycle; when it comes to replacing the tires, men will give a long, hard thought on what new shoes to give it.  Those tires, those shoes on that vehicle shout out the exact same statement for a man that a pair of Prada sandals does for a woman.  Men will spend hours online researching the newest and latest to see if it measures up to what they had and what they want.  Speed rating, load handling, corner holding, tread pattern, and looks all go into the decision making of the new shoes.  It doesn’t matter if the vehicle is a minivan or family sedan either.  The man will go out of the way to make sure he has the best shoes on that rig possible.  That also includes fitting the shoes to the car’s personality.  I once owned a station wagon and I made sure that the tires on it had whitewalls.  The lines of that wagon demanded them.  When I had my Beetle, I put on blackwalls to match its beige paint.  If you want to know what a man is about, just stroll out to the parking lot and check out his ride’s tires.  They’ll tell you all you need to know.



The second time when shoes will be important is when there is either a historical moment to them or an emotional one.  If the shoes were part of an epic journey or were a faithful companion during moment of that man’s life, the man will try to preserve them or put the same work into replacing them as he does for tires.  The boots pictured fall to the emotional side.



See the brown pair of boot on the left.  Those were bought for me sixteen years ago by my wife.  They were a statement from her showing her investment into our relationship.  I’ve taken those boots everywhere. I wore them on our honeymoon, camping, on horseback, to the country club on holidays, and on our trip in Ireland.  I’ve taken good care of them and polish them roughly four times a year.  I will keep them as long as possible.

The boots on the right are new and also a gift from her.  I wanted a new pair not to replace the old ones that are now worn at the heels and in need of resoling, but to continue the symbolism if the original pair are ever lost.  Being a gift, they are linked to the first and ensure that the thoughts of the past will continue forward.

So there’s the viewpoint of shoes.  For women all shoes are special and deserve attention, while men give attention only to their special shoes.

8 thoughts on “New shoes

  1. LOL How true !!! Black shoes are for office work and formal occasions Brown shoes are for comfort. But always beware of ladies in their stilettos or thigh high boots.

  2. Well said – I broke in (with pain on my part) a pair of black work boots I wore through college (it was the style).
    I am retiring several pairs of shoes , including hiking boots that have outworn even their ‘commuter’ status (why wear the best shoes on the subway where they will get ruined before you step foot into the office). Wondering what I will get next!

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