Ketchup With Us #22.

Roller coasters are the theme in this episode of Michele’s and Mel’s Ketchup project.  Whether riding an actual roller coaster or a figurative one in life, write about that experience in 57 words or less.

Sparkling brown eyes locked on to me.

Soft lips smiled at my discomfort.

The girl between us stood unaware.

She just wanted to know why I wasn’t interested.

I tried to gently explain in my awkwardness and wished I was back on the Cork-Screw.

2 thoughts on “Ketchup With Us #22.

    • Good to be back! 🙂

      The coaster, Corkscrew, is in Cedar Point, Sandusky Ohio. At least it was. The last time I went there was in ’88. They may have replaced it with something even crazier by now.

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