Never Discarded

An elderly hand glides gently over the jagged landscape and her eyes scan the items laid across the tables.  Books, candles, tools, jewelry, toys and trinkets each either neatly arranged in separate rows or huddled together in boxes.  Gift from birthdays or treasures bought on vacation, these items once desired now up for sale.

The grey haired woman finds her way over to the kid section.  A small pile of stuffed animals and rubber cars talks of a toddler who has grown into a kid.  Her hand reaches for a lonesome penguin.  Simple and unassuming, it is clean and looks as if it spent its time being watched and not held.

“How much?”  She asks.

“A quarter.” Is answered.

Handing over the silvery coin, she leaves.

A short drive later, she arrives at a familiar house.  The yard is fenced and decorated with softly colored ornaments.  A cheerful slogan hangs over the front door.  The sound of the bell is greeted by a friendly face.  She enters the house and turns down the hall.

In the room at the end a woman stares quietly at the lady.  Wispy grey hair frames an expression of fear.

Holding up the penguin the lady smiles at her sister.  “For you.”

Her sister takes the toy and smiles happily like a child.

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