Ketchup with us #24: The first white water

This weeks challenge from Michele and Mel:  Tell us about a significant first day in your life.

A day of adventure, six miles long.

Rocks as big as refrigerators hidden in the rapids.

Oaks and Pines reach out their long branches to snag, scratch, or ensnare the new.

Cool water.

Moments of serene calmness mixed with frantic action.

Which way to go?

Three unexpected tip overs.

The Lower Green of North Carolina.

My first kayak trip.

4 thoughts on “Ketchup with us #24: The first white water

    • Go with a sit-on-top like I did for your first run. There no way you can get stuck in the kayak and the helmet protects against anything hard. When I tipped over, I never hit a rock, stump, or anything.

      Even if you’d rather try it on a small lake or pond, I say go for it. It’s a lot of fun. I used to kayak the canal in my back yard and that has gators! The only reason why I stopped was my wife couldn’t be in the sun too long with her medication and the sun reflecting off the water was a double whammy.

      There are days I truly miss it.

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