Swimming with the sharks and other zany ideas.

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One of my favorite blogs is Lesley Carter’s “Bucket List Publication.”  Last year she helped my cross off ghost hunting in St. Augustine from my list.  Well, she’s at it again, offering readers to help out with their bucket list.  This time though, it’s a little intense.

She literally wants you to swim with the sharks.  That’s right.  If you’ve ever dreamed of looking ole Bruce in the eye now is your chance.  Lesley wants to hear what extreme wish you’d like to have come true.  So do I.  I can’t make them happen like she can, but I’d love to hear what wild dream you’d like to have come true.

Of course, I can’t ask you to open up ad share your extreme dreams without sharing mine so, drum roll please.

Badda dadada dah!

Gene’s Extreme Dreams

Take a ride on Virgin Galactic.

picture by dailytech.com

It’s too early to go to the moon or Mars, so this will have to do.  Besides, it’s space!  Who wouldn’t want to go?

Explore Baja in search of the King.

Picture from The Turtle Expedition

Four Wheeler was a major influence on me as a kid and the three most notable things about the magazine at the time were, The Turtle Expedition, Granville King, and Baja Mexico.  The Turtle Expedition is still going strong and is touring Europe as it heads its way towards The Silk Road.  Granville Kind was an editorial writer for Four Wheeler and lived in a remote area of Baja.  It would be a great way to say thank you to them by exploring the one place they both wrote so much about.

Do a week long or two week long extreme camping trip.

picture from american-state-parks.com

It wouldn’t be as crazy as “Naked and Afraid” or “Dual Survival” but I’d love to be dropped off in the middle of the deep woods or on a deserted island with just my basic camping gear and some food and water to stop starvation.  Think of it as rustic 1800s camping.

Fly a Piper Cherokee.

Picture from c74.net

I first learned about these little planes when I visited a hobby shop.  It’s a single engine prop plane that seats four.  I thought the plane had great lines and always wanted to fly one.  Oh, and just for fun, make it one made back in 1969.  That’ll make it interesting.

Ride from Florida to the Arctic circle… on a motorcycle.

picture from ya-goo.com

This is the one that is most likely to get me killed.  Mainly by my wife if she found out I was going to do this.  Now it can’t be just any motorcycle for this adventure.  No.  There are so many good machines out there right now that they could handle it no problem.  Where’s the challenge in that? Nope. If this extreme challenge is going to be done, it has to be done right.  I want a Suzuki TU250X as my steed on this adventure.

picture from popular mechanics

That’s right, a lowly 250cc engine, entry level, standard motorcycle.  The guys over at Top Gear rode smaller bikes on their Vietnam special, so this would fit right in with their challenge.  But I get to deal with severe weather changes that they didn’t.  I’ll have to adapt from hot and sticky Florida weather to ungodly evil frigid and blustery weather of the Arctic Circle.  Plus there is the little matter of 500 miles of sharp gravel road and heavy hauling semis flying down the road, pitching out gravel to anyone unlucky enough to be behind them. Oh, and did I mention that I’ve never ridden a motorcycle before?  Yep.  This would be extreme.

So there you have it.  My extreme bucket list dreams, some of which should actually be on a “coffin list”; you know, thinks that will get you killed.

I showed you mine, tell me yours.  And don’t forget to pass them on over at Bucket List Publications.  Who knows?  Yours might come true.

6 thoughts on “Swimming with the sharks and other zany ideas.

  1. Now those are some really cool and creative dreams! I especially like the Baja expedition! I don’t know about swimming with sharks either, but I’d love to take my whole family to Hawaii and have all of us swim with the dolphins together! I loved this post! It got me thinking of the possibilities!

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