Why I didn’t go camping this summer.

Summer is a great time of year for camping, unless you live in Florida.  With a mix of high temperatures and high humidity, storms come on almost a daily basis.  Unfortunately, this year, they not only came, they stuck around.  The rain this year seemed non-stop since June and made any thoughts of camping an exercise in futility.

I was lucky enough to get one half decent hike in, but that too was cut short due to lightning flashing in the sky and no practical safe spot to hang around in.

Hopefully the rainy season will come to an end soon.  The air felt wonderfully drier than it has in weeks.  A night under the stars sounds so good right now.  But until then, a glimpse of what held me back.

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6 thoughts on “Why I didn’t go camping this summer.

  1. Awww…hopefully the rain will take a break soon…Happy October, my friend!

    May this month be a sunny and fun-filled one for you and your loved ones!

    Take care and be well, always~ Cheers!! 😀

  2. I enjoyed camping in the Cascade Range outside Seattle a couple dozen times this year, but if I lived in a rainy place like Florida, I might not have, either. 😉

    I’m just giving you the gears. I grew up in Connecticut, and with no air conditioning. There isn’t much I hate more than trying to sleep and not being able to in hot and humid air. A root canal probably isn’t as awful.

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