I lost my heart in San Francisco, but I lost my dumb phone in Georgia.

Say hello to my little friend.  It’s a Kyocera something or other.


It replaces the dumb phone I used to have.  You know, the one I raved about in an earlier post.  I guess it didn’t like being called dumb because it decided to leave me somewhere in Georgia.

I was driving back to Florida in that ethereal timeline between late night and early morning when I made a stop for a bite to eat.  That when my phone decided to ditch me and try to hitch a ride somewhere else.

Fifteen dollars down the drain.

I’m not too concerned about it.  There were few phone numbers on it and it was set up for talk only.  I had a pay as you go plan, so they couldn’t rack up long distance calls on it, nor could they even text on the thing!  All in all, it was a pretty safe phone.

My new phone had the same account and phone number, so the old phone is now totally off-line.  I have no concerns about it if it is ever found.

In according to tradition, this phone started out pretty cheap.  Thirty bucks.  I chose it so I could take pictures and download podcasts.  The wife had other ideas.  She insisted on a cover and protective screen film.  I opted for the one year replacement plan.  (It was $5 and who knows what’s going to happen to this thing in a year.)

So far I’ve downloaded a few free apps and love watching you tube on it.


I’ve found it takes ok but not great pictures.



What I haven’t figured out is how to post these directly onto my blog using WordPress.  (Any help here would be immensely appreciated.)  Right now I download them to my lap top and then go from there.

And as a bow to modern culture I bring to you my phone’s first “Selfy”.


Personally I don’t get it.  Why would anyone want a picture of someone else’s phone is beyond me.

5 thoughts on “I lost my heart in San Francisco, but I lost my dumb phone in Georgia.

  1. I have an actual WordPress app for my iPhone and iPad (and assume they have an app for Android, as well). That’s the only way I know to put things from your phone directly on your blog. I’m assuming this thing runs Android…?

  2. Bummer about losing your phone. Life was simpler with a dumb phone! Now, I’m too tempted to play addicting games, check email or otherwise waste time. I’ve got the Android WordPress app downloaded, but I’ve never done a post or uploaded a pic straight from my phone. I need a computer keyboard 🙂

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