May wishes for summer adventures.

It’s mid-May; what are your summer plans?  Many of you have suffered a long and vicious winter this season.  Being locked up inside must’ve kicked your summer plans into overdrive.  I’m sure you spent hours, if not days going over every detail of what you would do once released from winters icy grip.

Here’s your opportunity kick those plans in motion and let the world know what you are going to do this summer.

You suffered the cold, so reward yourself by making those plans come true!

With an itch to see some spruce, I am going up to Maine.  I will hike the trails and enjoy lobster freshly caught.  Many pictures will be taken and wonderful ideas will be hatched.

I will also be hiking the trails more often around my local.  There are many places close by that need exploring and there’s no reason not to go.

I’m also going to do my first solo camp.  It’s amazing that I’ve never done one before, but I always felt like I needed to include the wife on this.  She has no desire this time, unless it’s glamping, (just say no) and I want to do the rugged thing.  I have made a concession on where this will be done.  I wanted to try this at Deep Creek Preserve since it’s my go to hiking place, but she would rather have me camp at Oscar Scherer State Park.  (I might push for Myakka River State Park since it has primitive campsites available.)

I will also be posting about my daypack since gear is always popular to blog about.

So what are going to do this summer?  The days are warmer and the nights are warmer.  Hear the whispers in the distance?  Those are your adventures calling.


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“Never interview your heroes.  You will be let down.”

Those words echoed in my head as the podcast rambled on.  The ‘caster was relating a story he experienced back when he worked for a music rag.  One of his editors was begging him to interview a country star that she had become enamored with.  He warned her with those two lines before letting her go.  The result was almost typecast.  The “hero” she had built up so high ended up being just another human being.  Words that were written in form weren’t sagely divined, but manipulated to fit the need. The star’s aura was just the spotlight in the background used to highlight him on stage.  She had left empty and disappointed.

The truth is many have fallen for this trap; including me.  We watch our actors, performers, singers, sport stars, politicians, ect… trip the lights fantastic and think that is how they live their lives every moment of every day.  They float instead of walk.

The truth is they walk just like the rest of us.  The smart ones realize it.  They try to tell the truth.  Songs have been written about it.

“Grand Illusion”

“Fifteen Minutes of Fame”

“Ordinary Man”

“Ordinary Average Guy”

The real train wrecks come from the people who get lost in the hype. (Yeah, that person.  And that one, too.)   When those poor people hit the ground, they hit hard!  Some don’t make it back.

In complete irony I’ve found it easier to meet a celebrity I don’t care about than someone I do.  When it’s someone you don’t care about, you don’t care.  They are just another person on the street.  You might know their face and name, but it’s like knowing that guy or lady down the street.  You politely nod or wave hello, maybe say something nice about the weather and go on your way.  But if it’s a “hero”, look out!  Everything becomes a big deal.  “Am I dressed ok?  How’s my breath?  What should I say?  How the while the “hero” just wants to live a normal-ish life.

I think instead of trying to meet “heroes”, it would be better to meet compatriots.  (People who would have a baseline to create a relationship from.)  People like you.  I’d gamble that a good percentage of my readers are also bloggers.  Either way it’s a great way to get a conversation going. It opens up the dialogue. Questions and comments of finding inspirations and characters to describing where you come from and the influences from that experience are things that can be shared over a burger and fries.  There’s no invisible barrier between us.  Just two people discussing and discovering things.  It’s a more rewarding and realistic experience.

I’d rather meet with any of you over any “hero” any day.  There are no preconditions; just the chance to learn.

That’s the best meeting of all.