Ketchup with us #39: Ten minute challenge

And go!

This challenge by Michele and Mel is to take the next ten minutes and write whatever pops into your head.  No rehearsing, no cheating.

So here are my thoughts.



Why do I have to punch these keys so hard?  I’m sure they can hear it two rooms away!

How should I end my Pony Express story?  Daniel is going after the bear to get the mail.  How does he get it?  It is spring?  Does he find it in the cave?  Are there cubs?  Does the bear circle around and hunt him for food?  How do I do this properly and keep it realistic?

I love my new truck but hate the mileage.  Why did Dodge have to make it run on Midgrade?  Trucks are supposed to handle third world 80 octane garbage, not need fancy gas to run right.  Stupid idea Dodge!

I must be the only one who thinks this though.  The Ram pickup outsold Chevy this month.  A feat that hasn’t happened since 1999.

I need to take more pictures.  I need to find time to take more pictures.  I also need a good app for my android phone that will allow me to crop these pics.  This blog needs more picture posts.

I really need to go camping soon.  I have all this great gear that I can blog about, but I have to test it first.  Any review is useless without even trying the equipment first.  I need to hurry up and do it too, before the summer heat and humidity comes.  This is our Northern summer time of year.  Nice and cool in the morning and pleasantly warm in the afternoon.  Soon it will be 80 and muggy when I wake up and get unbearable from there.

It’s good to do these challenges again.  I miss linking up with these ladies.  They are a lot of fun.

Not ten minutes but not bad.

What are your ramblings?


Ketchup with us #24: The first white water

This weeks challenge from Michele and Mel:  Tell us about a significant first day in your life.

A day of adventure, six miles long.

Rocks as big as refrigerators hidden in the rapids.

Oaks and Pines reach out their long branches to snag, scratch, or ensnare the new.

Cool water.

Moments of serene calmness mixed with frantic action.

Which way to go?

Three unexpected tip overs.

The Lower Green of North Carolina.

My first kayak trip.

Ketchup With Us #22.

Roller coasters are the theme in this episode of Michele’s and Mel’s Ketchup project.  Whether riding an actual roller coaster or a figurative one in life, write about that experience in 57 words or less.

Sparkling brown eyes locked on to me.

Soft lips smiled at my discomfort.

The girl between us stood unaware.

She just wanted to know why I wasn’t interested.

I tried to gently explain in my awkwardness and wished I was back on the Cork-Screw.

Ketchup with us #13 British Loafers

The darling duo, Michelle and Mel, are at it again.  While wearing the infamous Heinz bottle at Prada on Fifth Avenue they were inspired with their latest challenge.

If you could be anyone for one day, who would it be?  (By the way, Heinz really needs to start paying these girls for all the advertising they do.)

The President?  No way!  He gets the blame for everything.

A great scientist?  No thanks.  I don’t want to be chained to my computer, chalkboard, or books.

The great American writer.  Why be someone else. I’m already doing it.

A rock star.  Hell no!  Have you ever seen those “behind the scenes” specials?  All they do is go around singing how they’d like to live like us.  Can you get any more ironic?

A religious leader.  Nah.  Look at William Shatner. He still can’t act his way out the shadow of Kirk. J

So who would I be?

I live on an island both green and grey.

I work with two others.  They have so much to say.

Though short of stature, my adventures are tall.

From the flats of Bonneville to the peaks of the Alps, I’ve driven them all.

In cars most exotic to those mundane.

I do wish never to crash again.

– Richard Hammond of Top Gear

Ketchup With Us – Overcoming myself.

Michele and Mel asked if there was something I was trying to defeat?

(Oops.  Did I clean the kitchen after dinner?)

I’m not sure if I can think of anything.

(Down Sadie.  I’m trying to write here.)

After all, like every write out there, the words just flow from my mind to my fingers with no problem…

(Was that the cat again?  Buster!)

Distractions!  That’s what I’m trying to defeat.

(Better do those dishes.)

Ketchup with us: Epic Failures

Happy New Years! Michele and Mel are asking what two resolutions we have chosen for the New Year knowing that they will fail epically.  The goals, while noble and pure at heart will never see the end of the week through practicality.  They aren’t unrealistic expectations such as HALO jumping or solving the economic problems worldwide; they are the resolutions that seem to be achievable, but won’t be due to personal human nature.  These are my two.

I want to ride my bike more often.  It won’t happen.  I want to ride with my wife and we will always find a reason not to.

I want to learn how to play the guitar.  I give it the big start up, but will be pulled away by blogging and other distractions.

Check out Michele and Mel to see what theirs are and drop a reply and let me know what yours will be.

Ketchup with us: A Christmas Tradition

Michele and Mel are at it again and as usual, I’m a wee bit late.  This time, the lovely dynamic dual would like us bloggers to talk about one of our Christmas traditions in 57 words or less.  So here it goes!

My wife is a little down this Christmas year.  Our house is filled with piles of items usually hidden under the missing kitchen cabinets.

My not so secretive plan is to set up theses decorations and bring the full Christmas experience to her while she is out Friday night.

After all, it is a Christmas tradition.