Paint with words

The hint of salt flavored the air while the sea lazily rolled upon the shore in casual waves.  Shadows flickered in spasms both harsh and vague upon both stucco walls and plastic furniture.

Flashed of color exploded to the sounds of music.

Booms of crimson.

Shrieks of lime.

Crashes of turquoise.

Flashes of yellow.

Deep rumblings of purple.

Colors flying and twirling in rhythms and beats that flow strong and joyous in the air.

Arms wave while legs flow.

A bonfire of humanity in celebration flares in contrast to the coolness of the night.

The breeze seductively kisses while leaves blush and yield in response.

The light and the dark; the strong and the soft; the loud and the quiet all mix together in a world you bring to life.

Feel the energy.

Taste the air.

Smell the fragrance.

Hear the rapture.

See the life in all its brightness.

This is what you bring to the world.  This is your gift when you write, blog, or speak.

Paint with words.

Text is black on white for a reason.

It is so you can paint the picture as vibrant or as dark as you want the reader to envelope.

Use your palate to its fullest.

Paint with words.

Thoughts of: the other world

I’m late.  I know.

The other world paid a call today.  You know which one.  The world we live in outside our little electronic boxes.  The annoying one where we do the 9 to 5, 7:30 to 4 for me, thing and then run to our shelters for some work there before escaping to this life.

Today there is little time for the electronic world.

Today the bed is stuffed into my bathroom in various pieces.  The dressers and cabinets clog the living room, the carpet is gone, and there is a fresh coat of light green paint in the bedroom.

It’s been going on for about a week now, but tomorrow is the big day when the new carpeting comes.  Once it is in, we can start putting things back together.

The old carpet had held on quite well.  It lasted eleven years and through eight pets.  (Not at the same time.  I’m not that crazy.)  It was a reddish/purple color that had to be chosen to match the ungodly evil eighties pink tile bathroom.  (I live to see it gone.)

The room has been painted differently about four times now.  It was green before, but a different hue and shade.  (more yellow and darker than the new choice.)  To better tie the old paint with the rest of the house, I was forced to suggest painting one accent wall pink.  (See, Transparentguy, even guys who drive pickup trucks and use chainsaws will have a wall painted pink when needed.)  Then it was painted a nice blue with white trim.  I actually liked this color best, but it didn’t go with the rest of the house.  So when it was deemed that the carpet must go, my wife repainted and reaccessorized again.

The carpet we chose is greyish silver in color and will go well with the floor tile in the bathroom and the green walls of the bedroom.  It will be nice once its put together.   I’ll miss the blue, but am satisfied with the new colors and my wife is again happy to be doing something constructive with the house.

It’s one of those outside distractions that can seem annoying, but in reality its more of one of life’s mini adventures that is so common that we don’t talk about it.

I think I’ll stop now and take in the moment of chaos.

Thoughts of: Paint and change

My wife painted the bedroom over the weekend.  A light shade of green, if you’re curious.  I thought it was fine the way it was with its blue paint, white trim, and French cottage look to it.  She said it didn’t flow with the rest of the house.

She was right, of course.  The rest of the house is colored in shades of tan, cider, and different shades of green.  The blue was different, but I didn’t care.  I liked the difference.  It was a soothing color and it was well done.

This wasn’t the first time she wanted to redo the room.  She’s painted and repainted it three or four times now.  She’s always looking for the elusive color to match the reddish carpet.  We picked the reddish color because it was the only way to transition from the horrible 80’s era pink tile in the shower.  (Personally, I think the shower curtain does a wonderful job of hiding it.)  Now the carpeting has worn out and we have this chance to try again.  Or, rather, she has the opportunity to change things again.  I’ve noticed women like to do this.

They’ll work like mad to get things the way they want and after a year or two want to redo everything all over again.  Before you know it, you’re debating curtain patterns and going from store to store in search of the perfect bed spread.

Men, for the most part, are different.  Once we get things the way we want, we leave it alone.  Why go through all the effort to change it?  It works fine.  Yeah if the living situation changes, like having a kid, then we’ll change things.  It makes sense then.  The living situation has changed.  You have to make adaptations for it.

But change just for the sake of change?  Why?  If the furniture’s good and the appliances work, why put the money in new stuff when it could be better spent on other things like fixing up the car or going on a nice trip.

I think the old adage rings truer than known.

“A man’s home is his castle.”  It’s a private place.  Yeah, we have our friends over to see the “Lodge” or “Man Cave” but that’s to show off our stuff in it.  Our treasures.  It’s our place of rest and respite between adventures.  Redecorating is tolerable as long as it comes in intervals of 15 years or so.

Women, on the other hand, don’t see a castle.  They see a great hall used for family gatherings and entertaining.  It’s also a showcase to display their natural artistic talents.  Not only in what they’ve done today, but how they can change it around and keep it fresh tomorrow.  It’s a personal expression of growth for them.  Like them, it’s fluid and ever changing.

This can be hazardous, because one day they husband can come home to a place he doesn’t recognize as his.  That’s every bit as bad as not letting the wife change things to express her changes as well.

They say marriage is a compromise.  If you hold to that truth, then the best advice I have is to let the men hold on to a key item or make a key decision so they feel the castle is still theirs while you men let the women update her hall for the next gathering.

Ramblings on: Seeing differently

Sometimes it’s good to look at things from a different perspective.  I wanted to create some personal pictures for my header instead of using the standard pictures available.

I wanted something unique.  Something that was as equally mine as this blog.  I knew that I wanted variety, texture, color, drama, and romanticism.  (A rambling thought for another day.)  I also knew that my time was limited so I would have to just use the surroundings around me.  That meant taking a new look on things;  Changing my perspective.  I had to challenge myself and see what I was not seeing.

As I was taking my pictures it dawned on me.  This is also a good way to start up a new writing project if stymied.  Take what you have, what’s around you, and look at it from a different perspective.  It’s done in music and movies all the time.  The general theme may stray the same, yet the perspectives change allowing for a depth of nuances that were not there in other movies or songs.  Perspectives are the spices to our stories and lives.

What new spice will you discover tomorrow?  Just take a new look and find out.