Ebb and Flow

Welcome to my 300th post. Tonight we dine in hell. Nah, that would require liver stuffed mac and cheese, drizzled with olive juice.

300 shouldn’t be special, yet for some reason it keeps shouting to me that it is. Isn’t the usual big moments, 10, 50, 100, 250, 500, ect.?

The fact that this is number 300 added to the complexity of this post. The car guy in me wanted to make it about the Chrysler 300 series and the forgotten, semi-fake Chrysler 300 of the late 70’s.

It was an optioned up Cordoba.

I’d do a review of the movie 300, but except for commercials, I never saw it. (Why is it in these movies the men have full beards yet somehow have the technology to have the rest of their bodies cleanly shaven? What were they afraid of, razor burn?)

I could talk about the probably 300 jelly beans my wife and I have eaten over the last month, but it’s almost Easter and who hasn’t done this?

I’d love to boast about the 300 creative ideas bouncing around in my head, but I definitely don’t have anything close to that number. (but I do have a few I’ll be sharing.)

Nope the real reason why this 300th post is important is you. If ti wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be motivated to do this many posts. It’s seeing the likes and reads that encourages me to go on.

I had a real strong case of “stuckitis” and I think I’m finally breaking free. I just needed to get myself to sit down and actually tap theses keys again. (Ok. It’s more of a slam/pound than tap. I’ve never been gentle with mechanical things.)

300 is a big number because it represents a commitment. Continue on or turn the corner. For me the adventure and discovery still go on, so now that I’ve crossed the field of limbo. I can continue.

Let’s see what’s over that next rise.