Thoughts of: Chasing the Dragon

It’s amazing the power a three year old has.  One little sentence and you’re off on a quest that spans many miles and multiple hours to find elusive treasure.

The treasure in question?  A bike helmet.

Not just any helmet mind you, it has to be a “Dragon Helmet”, just like the one she grew out of.

You quickly dismiss the idea of finding a Dragon helmet and figure any old helmet will do.  Until you get the call.  You know.  The one where the father tells you that your granddaughter has been telling everyone that you are getting her a Dragon Helmet.

So, you quickly find there are none in your town.  You drive forty-five minutes away to the fancy new mall only to find that while the third store visited does indeed have the coveted Dragon Helmet, it’s only in the same size that she has outgrown.

Alas.  What to do?  Give up and concede victory to the illusive dragon?  Never!

Like an arrow, you shoot into the next big-box store and find a bicycle helmet of proper size and color (purple with sparkles) and quickly carry it back to the fortress.

But what of the dragon?

Fear not for now is time to find the legendary wizard of color that’s been rumored around these parts.  A mage of pigments and tint, this man will  conjure forth the mystical dragon you’ve desperately searched for.

Unfortunately the guy is off for the next two weeks following a Grateful Dead tribute band.

Standing on the precipice of oblivion, you dig deep into your soul and find a way.  Moved by sheer will alone, you trudge into the custom T-Shirt and License Plate store in the mall and ask if they can print out some vinyl decals that you can stick on the helmet.  He smiles and says yes.

Rejoice!  For all saved!  You scan through the myriad of dragon images conjured on the screen until you find one that is age appropriate and fits the color of the helmet.  In a show of joyous optimism, you also throw in the addition of her first name to the decals to be made.

A day later you pick up the decals and ride triumphantly to your castle knowing you have slain the dragon and have saved the young princess from what could only be a horrendous and disturbingly loud birthday.