Thoughts of: Tradition

“Where is it?” She cried, struggling to keep her focus on the road.

“I’m looking for it.”  I replied as I turned the knob up and down the dial.

My wife and I were en route to her parents for Thanksgiving but an important piece of the holiday was missing.

“Did you try both bands?”  She asked as she turned down the next street.

“Yes.” I answered.  “You’d think it’d be on NPR.”  Frustrated I kept searching.

BZZT!  The Phone range.

“Hello?”  Answered my wife.  “Yes.  We can’t find it anywhere!  They’re playing it where you are?  We have it on CD but the player is broken on my radio and Gene can’t find it.”

Carol pulled the phone from her face and spoke to me.  “Brian’s singing it over the phone.”

Scanning the radio for the third time, I give up.  “I can’t find it.”

My mind recoils at the disappointment.  Like the Macy’s Day Parade and Lions football there has always been a special part of Thanksgiving for me and my family.  It was a real treat to find out my wife held the same tradition too.  But here we were on Thanksgiving and we were missing that important piece of tradition.  It was as bad as finding out that the turkey was replaced by sushi.  The disappointment was palpable.

“Well don’t play it later.”  Carol told me, after hanging up the phone.  “It’ll be too late in the day.”

We never did find it, that special part of our Thanksgiving tradition.  We didn’t even bother on the ride home.  But for all of you and the joy you’ve given me through the year, I offer now to you that missing part of our family tradition.

Happy Thanksgiving.  🙂