Ketchup With Us #26 Making a scene

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Michele and Mel have asked one of the best questions ever. “If you could do a scene in a movie, what would it be?”  This question is so personal that you can’t help but show yourself in the answer.  From the genre you pic, to the character, to the moment.  Everything there is a small part of you and your perspective.

With this in mind, I was able to narrow it down to a few.

Should I pick the philosopher full of life’s experience?

Should I pick the classic hero?

Maybe a dramatic nature scene?

I’d throw in the romantic artist from “Titanic” but that would throw in the sticky question of whom would I be sketching.  Ow!  Of course it’s you, my wife, I couldn’t think of anyone else. Ow!  Stop!

Of course, there is at least one scene I’d never want to do.

But of all the choices available there’s one scene that would fulfill two dreams in the same moment.

What scene would you choose?

Ketchup with us #23 “Jerk Face”

I have to say this is one of the hardest things I’ve had to do yet!

Michele and Mel have this post about doing a “Jerk Face”.

The lovely ladies behind this idea

Now they are calling it what it really is, but for some reason, I wanted to keep it a little more kid friendly so I called it this instead.  (In school we called it “Givin’ ‘tude!”)

Oddly enough, it’s hard for me to get this expression. I’m way more of an annoying smirk or happy smile kinda guy.  I have to work to get a ‘tude going.

Luckily trying to write my last post while dealing with my dog helped.  Not writing the story yesterday but talking about it at the workshop almost killed the muse of it.  That’s when  took the pics. Being vain, of course, I picked the one that made me look the least like a constipated old man.  So if you are brave, here it is.



This challenge made me realize something.  I need to take more happy pics of myself.  I don’t have any recent ones.

Ketchup with us: Epic Failures

Happy New Years! Michele and Mel are asking what two resolutions we have chosen for the New Year knowing that they will fail epically.  The goals, while noble and pure at heart will never see the end of the week through practicality.  They aren’t unrealistic expectations such as HALO jumping or solving the economic problems worldwide; they are the resolutions that seem to be achievable, but won’t be due to personal human nature.  These are my two.

I want to ride my bike more often.  It won’t happen.  I want to ride with my wife and we will always find a reason not to.

I want to learn how to play the guitar.  I give it the big start up, but will be pulled away by blogging and other distractions.

Check out Michele and Mel to see what theirs are and drop a reply and let me know what yours will be.

Thoughts of: Karmic Underwear!

Sometimes, you just need to have fun and be a little silly.  Michele knows this very well when she talked about “The Underwear Book” on her blog, Old Dog New Tits.  For those who haven’t heard of it, Old Dog New Tits is not a blog about cosmetic surgery for you geriatric four legged female friend.   It is a daily blog about the funny, absurd, sweet, and just plain weird things that happen in daily life.

You also need to know that Michele is accomplice by her friend and coconspirator, Mel.  Mel is an accomplished writer and ne’er-do-well in her own right.  Her blog, According to Mags, views life though snippets of life and her relationship with her kids and friends.  If you have children, Mel also has a great podcast chock full of children’s stories called, Night Light Stories.

When these two ladies get together all hell breaks loose, resulting in posts about things like the Underwear book.  In her post, Michele reviews the book by Todd Parr and offers up the chance to win one of three autographed copies. All that was needed was my own addition to the book.

Well, I had to do throw one in just out of principle.  There’s a certain set of rewards you get from entering a contest like this.  The little spark of creativity that pops in your head as you explore an answer to the riddle;  A little smirk across your face as the ten year old inside you peeks out from a grown man’s eyes;  The feeling of self-satisfaction as you hit the send button; and the little look of mild concern that you get from your spouse as you explain what you just did.  (That part is always my favorite.)

I guess my response was better than I imagined, because I soon received an e-mail stating that I won one of the coveted tomes.  This, of course, led to even greater satisfaction of letting the wife know I was getting a book about underwear from another woman.  Again I was greeted by the look of mild concern.  (Guys, only do this if your wife knows that both of you are secure in your relationship.)

After long sleepless nights full of anxiety and excitement, the magnificent book finally came!  Vibrant in color and packed with wisdom, “The Underwear Book” is more than I could ever hope for. I read it and reread it before handing it over to my wife for her perusal, and after much soul searching I must say that it is a great kids book!  It’s silly, light hearted and great entertainment for kids.  I can’t wait to read it to my granddaughter.   Even my wife agrees that entering the contest was a good thing.

So thank you Michele and Mel.  It was a great experience that brought even more enjoyment as things progressed.

I almost forgot, as an epilogue to this post, fate added yet another page to The Underwear Book.  Chirstina Crane of WSRZ’s morning crew gave us another account of do and don’t while attending the Journey concert in Tampa.  If you’re a woman, do feel free to throw underwear at the stage.  Don’t use just any pair of underwear.