The Hunt


The soft, blue sky and sounds of chipping birds didn’t soften the concerned look on the man’s face as he peered out the window.

“They’re out there, son.”  He warned.  “They came during the night.  Pods hidden amongst the landscape.  They’re  hidden, but I know they’re  there.  I can smell them.”

His words were confirmed with tightening eyelids and a terse nod.

“It’s not like last time.”  He continued.  “Last time easy to spot.  They were bigger and ugly.  Everyone knew they were dangerous.  This time, though; this time they were smart.  The pods are small, so they’re easy to hide.  They’re brightly colored, too.  It makes them easier to find, but also lulls its victims into a sense of false security.  There’s got to be hundreds of them out there.”

The soldier steps back and racks his rifle.  “Clack-clack!”

“Don’t worry, Dad.  I got this” He says with confidence.

A brightly colored basket is lowered in between them.

“Why don’t you collect them instead of shooting them.”  The mother says to her son.”

“Aw, Mom!”  The boy protests as she disarms the young soldier.

“No, no.  She’s right!”  The father chimes.  “Gunfire will alert them to your presence.  You need to stalk them, special ops style, and bring them back to the home base for study and interrogation.  They’ll crack under the pressure!”

Mom rolls her eyes as the child bolts out the door.

Thoughts of: Randomness

It’s 10:15 and any chance of a cohesive story or editorial has gone down the road with House and Wilson.

So with that in mind, I am going to pull out a few things that have been bouncing around in my head.

First:  Why won’t this page reconnect my publishing to Facebook after I hit the refresh button?  I did it three times and then even logged out and back in to see if that would help.

Now that House has ended does FOX really think another “Doctor” show is a good idea right off the bat?  That’s like replacing a pet that died with one that looks exactly like the dead pet the very next day.  Bad call.

Google has made software that enables a car to drive itself so well that Nevada gave it it’s own license.  With that in mind:

  • Will a person ever have to get a license again?
  • Will it be ok to let the kid take the car to grandmas when the kid is only five?
  • How will cities and small towns make any money off tickets if all the cars are automatically driving the speed limit?
  • Will they do this to motorcycles and if so, will they be nothing but an over-glorified Segway?

Am I a bad person because I don’t care if I see the Avengers movie.  (X-Men fan)

Man, did I forget how much research is needed in writing a novelette.  (Gossamer’s Wing)  I’m split on two distinctly different plots and am bouncing them to see which one is more plausible.

I wonder how long it will take for me to find another TV show I’ll like.  Every year it seems to get harder and harder.

The more I think about it, the more I feel that the new Lone Ranger movie starring Jonny Depp is going to end up being “Pirates” on horseback.

Will anyone come out with a good Sci-fi tv series about humans exploring and developing the solar system with realistic technology.  (Not Warp Drive or Light Speed.  The part before that development.)

How many kids are going to think that Abe Lincoln really fought vampires?

Knowing what you know now, would you go back and change you life with the realization that you will lose the joy you have at this moment?


Daydreams of: The Rose

Disclaimer:  This post has swearing in it.  If that offends you please ignore or choose another post.




“ I love this night.” Steve thought as he walked the dark streets of the metropolis.  It’s raining hard and a fierce wind threw water onto his face.  He hunkered his head lower and smiled tightly to himself.  He had always loved bad weather.  Bad weather kept people inside.  Made the city safer.  The worse the weather, the more Steve loved it.  Tonight, except for the hydro-cars the streets are empty.  Tonight, the streets are his to roam.

Suddenly, a hydro-car veered onto the sidewalk.

“Shit!” cried Steve as he dove to avoid the car, “Damn your sensors! he yelled to the fading lights.  He was kneeling in the road by the curb.  His hands and knees in a river of rain and muck as it flowed to the gutter, not two feet ahead.

“Shit.”  he mumbled as he started to stand when a rose floated between his knees.  “What the hell?”

Picking it up, Steve stepped back onto the sidewalk.  He examined the rose in his hand.  Plastic, wrapped in plastic, with a note tied to the stem promising love forever.

“Fake,” he thought,”  Must be a prom dates.  Kids can’t afford the real thing;  Hell, no one can anymore.”  A voice called from behind, “Cristy!”  Steve turned around just in time to be crushed by a running man.  Both collapsed in a heap.

“Ow!” Steve shook his head wearily, second guessing his bad weather theory.

“You’ve got to help me!” beckoned the man, “Have you seen her?  Have you seen my Cristy?  She’s special, you know. I must find her!”  The man rambled as he clutched Steve’s arm.  Steve looked at the stranger:   Balding, slight of frame, angular of face, and cloths in shambles, saying to him, ”Look, slow down.  Who are you looking for?’

“Cristy!”  the man frothed. “Cristy!  My only love!  I must find her!”

“What you do? Cheat on her?”

“No! Never! I bought her so I wouldn’t have to.”

“What!?!  You bought her?  You mean you lost your sex-bot?”  Steve couldn’t believe what he was hearing.  The guy was insane.

Cristy is not just a sex-bot”  The man spat. ”She is my life!”

“What are you on ‘Maggots’ man?  How can a sex…”

“I tell you she is more than a sex-bot!  I updated her with every program available.  I even sold my car to get her A.I.  You should see her”  He said, eyes gleaming, “She’s perfect.  She’ll talk rings around you on any subject, Do all the housework, and do anything I can dream of in bed with no hesitation.”  A smile of sheer joy smothered his face.

Steve asked, “So how did you lose her?”

“I told her I loved her.”  Said the man; His smile falling like a stone.  “The next morning she was gone and this note was next to me.”

Steve took the crumpled paper handed to him and scaned it


Dear Tom,.

I’m sorry but I must leave.  I can give what you desire, but never

                        what you truly need.  Your love to me is artificial.  Just like me.

                        I leave so that you might find real love.  I will always remember

                        you.  Please keep this rose as a symbol of me.  Fake.


Steve handed Tom the note.  “Sounds like she did you a favor.”

“What?”  Screamed Tom, “Do I look like I want this?”  What’s that in your hand?  My rose!”  Tom tore the rose from Steve’s hand and slamed him against the wall. ”You know where she is!  Tom shrieks, “ You want her for yourself!  No!  She’s mine, I tell you.  Mine! you can’t have her! She’s mine!  Mine. Mine. MINE! ”Tom threw Steve violently to the ground and tore off into the darkness again crying for Cristy.

Steve stumbled his way home, rain at his back, and thought.  “ I hate this night.”