Paint with words

The hint of salt flavored the air while the sea lazily rolled upon the shore in casual waves.  Shadows flickered in spasms both harsh and vague upon both stucco walls and plastic furniture.

Flashed of color exploded to the sounds of music.

Booms of crimson.

Shrieks of lime.

Crashes of turquoise.

Flashes of yellow.

Deep rumblings of purple.

Colors flying and twirling in rhythms and beats that flow strong and joyous in the air.

Arms wave while legs flow.

A bonfire of humanity in celebration flares in contrast to the coolness of the night.

The breeze seductively kisses while leaves blush and yield in response.

The light and the dark; the strong and the soft; the loud and the quiet all mix together in a world you bring to life.

Feel the energy.

Taste the air.

Smell the fragrance.

Hear the rapture.

See the life in all its brightness.

This is what you bring to the world.  This is your gift when you write, blog, or speak.

Paint with words.

Text is black on white for a reason.

It is so you can paint the picture as vibrant or as dark as you want the reader to envelope.

Use your palate to its fullest.

Paint with words.

Thoughts of: Valentine’s Day

The first look.

 The shine of interest that it sparks.

The bright smile that warms your heart.

The soft scent that encourages you to breathe deeply.

The kind words that draw you closer.

The tender touch that makes your body yearn for more.

The first kiss that drowns your senses.

The time spent together that lasts forever and is yet so fleeting.

The laughter that brightens your outlook.

The tears you cry over unexpected frustrations.

The understanding that comes through communication.

The growth you achieve from learning each other.

The life you share because it is richer.

The love you make for all the better.