Thoughts of: After the storm

Palm fronds lay strewn over the soggy green lawn like children’s beach toys tossed across outdoor carpeting on a summer day.

I turn the valves and set the breaker before exiting the noisy pool shed.  The water is high, allowing me the luxury of time.   With nothing to do but wait, I drink in the surroundings.

A warm breeze thrums in my ears as it gently flows through my hair.

Branches and bushes wave to and fro as they imitate the waves on the pond.

Iron grey clouds veil the sun and contrast pleasantly with sharp rays of a Florida summer.

A mix of earth and lawn gently spice the air, filling it with fragrance.

Absent of high humidity or heat, I breath deep, drinking in the coolness.

Opening my eyes, I see the pool water is lowered.

Shut the breaker.

Back to work.